Oh So Sweet, The Glenlivet.


 DRAM: chiefly Scottish A small drink of whisky or other spirits:

“a wee dram to ward off the winter chill

I am partial to a whisky or two and last year a friend and I headed on out to Aberdeenshire for three days of hiking and whisky. I’ll leave out the details of the hiking but it involved being lost on a mountain with severe weather, one very big over flowing river, broken boots and exhaustion I have never felt before. It was glorious.

We started each morning at distillery and popped in to whichever one we met on our route. They always welcome you with a little dram, so that plus the two hip flasks we had kept us well oiled and warm along the walk. Day one was Glenfiddich to enjoy their free tour and sample of THREE malts, 12, 15, 18 year old,  such a good start. The second day we started at Macallan, my companions personal favourite and a very glassy taste and our last day we kicked off at The Glenlivet and this is where I fell truely in love with this malt, I had been to the distillery before and had tasted their 12yo many times but this time it just clicked with me. It is probably due to the walking, rain, exhaustion etc. but the pleasure of drinking Glenlivet has stayed with me ever since that day.

I of course have others that are favourites but this is one that is most widely available wherever I am. Some people might feel that it’s kind of a “mainstream” whisky so not as cool as some of the more lesser known distilleries and not as refined or enjoyable, you know the type of person I mean. This whisky tastes great and anyone who dismisses it because it’s popular and readily available and therefore not good enough is foolish and or a snobby hipster type. Everyone has different tastes of course and I am not going into tasting notes but this is a popular whisky for a reason and not just because the company has been handled so well. Only thing for it is to go and try it, your welcome.

I’m sharing this little post about The Glenlivet after coming across another online article about the smooth malt on gentlemans gazette. And below is a brief video history of the drink. Be careful though if you are anything like me you will be craving a dram of the malty sweetness instantly.